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Here Is What To Expect From Good Landscape Maintenance Services

Designing and installing beautiful, functional landscapes for all your properties is only the start of producing and maintaining aesthetically pleasing grounds. Regular upkeep with good landscape maintenance services is just as important as the initial installation and must be done properly and regularly in order for plants and trees to survive and flourish.

As property managers, it is one of your duties to ensure that proper maintenance in Milpitas is ongoing, and it is a good idea to contract this job out to an experienced landscaping and maintenance company.

Regardless of the number of commercial and residential properties you manage, you undoubtedly want to keep them aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. This will not only keep your clients happy and enable you to attract more tenants, but it will make life easier for you, too. 

You Need a Reliable, Experienced, Maintenance Service

There are a variety of landscaping services that will help you keep your properties looking their very best. From turf renovations to flowerbed care, you can achieve all your landscaping goals with a good maintenance company. From the hot summer months with record-breaking temperatures through to all the other seasons of the year, it is imperative that lawns, trees, and gardens be well maintained.

Here are some ideas about the services you should be asking your landscaping company to provide and why:

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

  • Irrigation systems can use 50% or more of the water provided by many utility companies and a poorly maintained irrigation system may mean that much of the water never reaches its intended source.
  • Properly maintaining irrigation systems will reduce wasted water and pollution as well as improve plant and lawn health, and irrigation systems should be checked twice per season.

Trimming and Pruning

  • Tree pruning is the removal or reduction of unnecessary parts of the tree, and routinely and properly trimming trees will keep them healthy and allow them to grow naturally.


  • It is important to have lawns fertilized every fall in order to produce healthy, green grass.

Pest control

  • The last problem your tenants and owners want are household pests, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, or termites.
  • Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event, and it is important to monitor the infested area year-round.
  • Encourage tenants and owners to communicate problems so that pest infestations can be addressed effectively.

Weed Control and Removal

  • Weeds are pesky and if not properly controlled can take over your garden and lawn and cause major problems by choking out plantings.
  • Weed management techniques include pulling, mowing, tillage, fire, soil solarization (an environmentally friendly method of controlling fungi, bacteria, etc.), and flooding.

Hydro Seeding

  • Hydro seeding is a planting process that combines seed and mulch, which is then sprayed over a prepared ground and is an alternative to the traditional method of sowing dry seed.

A good landscaping maintenance service will help you meet the landscaping needs of all your properties year-round. You can certainly set something beautiful into motion with attractive landscape designs and installation, but to get the most out of your landscaped property, regular maintenance is required.

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