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Clean Southern California Parking Lot

Great Parking Lot Sweeping Includes More Than A Simple Brush Off

Parking lot sweeping should include updated assessments of the condition of the property and a reporting system that includes recommendations for additional cleaning, repair, or replacement as needed. It is gratifying for both customers and owners to see clean and orderly parking lots and parking garages, but when the sweeping service is also keeping watch on a number of other fronts, it enhances security, reduces replacement costs, and extends the life of the property.

Extras Your Parking Lot Sweeping Service Can Provide

With no extra equipment and only a little inspection and administrative time, the sweeping service can provide updated records and reports on things like:

• Current condition of parking surfaces, including the need for resurfacing or re-sealing, formation of cracks, potholes, weakened areas, or other problems
• Condition of attendant structures like bollards, posts, bumpers, speed bumps, drains, channels, gutters, barriers, walls, etc.
• Deterioration of parking stripes, markers and numbers, and the need for repainting and re-striping
• Damage or deterioration of assigned parking signs, legal notice signs, etc., and the need to replace or repair them
• Damage to lighting
• Vandalism
• Graffiti
• Ongoing problems with illegal dumping
• Misuse of parking areas involving messy mechanical repairs to vehicles, etc.
• Abandoned vehicles or parts of vehicles, used tires, etc.

There is Actual Help Beyond The Broom

Even though sweeping is the name of the service, it usually includes cleanup of refuse, rubble, rubbish, seasonal foliage and clippings, discarded items, and light spot cleaning of fluid spills and stains.

However, there are additions to a parking lot sweeping services that should be considered. Your contract can be expanded to include pressure washing and spot pressure cleaning, patching, re-sealing, resurfacing, repainting, repairs of all types, management and maintenance of adjacent trees, shrubs, flower beds, grassy areas, walkways, sprinklers, ponds, fountains, lighting, signage, and a plethora of other related services that may be useful to you.

Usually a full service provider will also be capable and ready to handle larger projects such as new additions and expansions, a variety of on-site equipment installations, plumbing for drainage systems, updated lighting installations, and much more.

Hiring a Full Service Company Gives you Many Advantages

 The larger your footprint on the environment, the more you will benefit by the additional steps that a professional, full service company can offer. If you are large enough to need the additional services, whether intermediate repair and maintenance or at the full project level, you can profit by having one service company handle it all.

Some cost benefits inherent in having all the work handled by one company are:

• Coordination of services, repairs, and projects will take place more easily and efficiently.
• You can expect cost reductions because of less duplication of work, and a better price break when one company is under contract to handle everything.
• You, as a client, will suffer less confusion and fewer demands on your time and attention than you would if dealing with several services, personalities, and paperwork and billing systems.

Whatever you do, consult with the pros and hire a company that is capable of handling all your needs and won’t drop the ball at critical points.

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