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Graffiti Spoils Your Business: Use Professionals for Expert Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a disaster for all commercial buildings. It’s not only unpleasant to look at—it can also drive your customers away. You can’t just leave it as is, and trying to remove it yourself (often repeatedly!) will cost you a lot of time and effort—especially if you don’t have the right skills and equipment.

The good news is there are actually professional companies that offer graffiti abatement and prevention services.

The Ugly Face of Graffiti

No matter what the size of your business property—whether it’s a skyscraper or a small office building—graffiti can still bring it down. Graffiti destroys the image of the whole building and makes it less appealing for customers to frequent.

There are cleaning companies that specialize in graffiti removal services for various types of buildings and surfaces. One effective way to remove graffiti without damaging the building’s surface is through pressure cleaning, which uses pressurized water with effective detergents.

Some of the surfaces that can be taken care of with pressure cleaning are:

  • painted surfaces
  • bricks
  • timber
  • cladding
  • stone

Choose a Reputable Graffiti Abatement Service Provider

For a cleaning company to properly determine what type of graffiti abatement service you need, an initial meeting is important. A professional and reputable company makes use of repellent coatings, applied once graffiti is removed to prevent it from recurring.

However—like graffiti—no two service providers are the same. You need to be careful in choosing which cleaning company to contract for ongoing graffiti removal services as soon as they are needed. Without careful consideration, you might end up having more problems than you started with. The correct equipment, supplies and techniques must be used, with both safety and avoiding potential further damage in mind.

Some extra words of warning:

  • When graffiti is sprayed on, it penetrates into your exterior walls, especially with materials such as concrete, brick, granite and sandstone.  If your brick walls are destroyed due to the use of the wrong cleaning solution or improper technique in pressure cleaning, the only real solution is to knock out the bricks and replace them. This isn’t what you want—either in terms of time OR cost!
  • Having graffiti removed from your commercial building as soon as possible after it occurs makes it significantly easier to eliminate. The sooner, the better.
  • Graffiti poses a serious threat to the viability of your business, especially if you have competitors nearby.

Invest in Quality Graffiti Removal Service

A skilled technician is needed to remove graffiti using the correct technology. The technician must also have the right experience and expertise, so as not to further degrade or erode the building’s original surface.

Graffiti takes many forms. It can be a heat resistant engine enamel, spray paint designed for decorative color or permanent pens. Considering that there are numerous combinations that react differently to various types of building surfaces, it’s especially important that the graffiti removal services technician knows exactly what to do, and how to do it.

Getting good graffiti removal services is highly recommended for the fight against unsightly graffiti on your commercial building.


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