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Get the best out of your parking lot sweeping service

Guide to Negotiating with Your Parking Lot Sweeping Service Contractor

Contracting the services of a parking lot sweeping service contractor is a vital element in effective commercial property management. Spending significant amounts of money on advertising and marketing of your brand can potentially go down the drain all due to one overlooked aspect – an unkempt parking lot.

When it comes to running a successful business, regardless of what industry you may be in, the devil is always in the details. Don’t get caught unguarded with a less than pristine parking lot. In today’s exceedingly competitive market, you simply can’t afford to risk damaging your corporate image by cutting back on your exterior grounds maintenance.  To get ahead of the game, make sure all your bases are covered – and that includes contracting a reliable parking lot sweeping service.

Negotiating Smartly – Get the Parking Lot Sweeping Service You Pay For

Parking lot sweeping is one of the most effective and efficient services available to keep your exteriors looking spic and span all year round. Different types of commercial establishments collect varying types to debris, which is actually an important consideration that high quality parking lot sweeping service providers know to look into. An experienced contractor will take time to study the usual trash and dirt that tend to accumulate in your parking lot area in order to determine what specific type of equipment to use.

During the bidding process for parking lot sweeping services, an estimator usually takes time to conduct an inspection of your property, which will be the primary basis for coming up with a reasonable quote.

Here are some key factors you need to discuss with your potential service contractor:

·         Request a detailed list of what’s included in their price.

·         Discuss additional service needs you may require such as emptying of trash cans and performing blower work behind your building.

·         The frequency of the parking lot sweeping service. For example, if you have high traffic flow on your property on a daily basis, you may require daily sweeping services.

·         Ask if their parking lot sweeping service carries adequate insurance including Worker’s Comp, if so request a copy. You definitely don’t want to take chances on an under-insured company that could expose you to liabilities.

·         Discuss preferred sweeping time and if there are limitations or restrictions imposed during performance of service.

Key Factors that Determine the Price of Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Upon inspection of your property, your parking lot sweeping service contractor will come up with a quote, which is usually based on the following factors:

·         Frequency of service. Traffic flow on the property will determine how often sweeping services are required.

·         Layout of the parking lot. Presence of many obstacles that need to be worked around can add up on cost of service.

·         Presence of trees. Leaves along with other debris can also influence cost.

·         Existing condition of parking lot. A deteriorated or dilapidated property will require an increase in sweeping time.

·         Trash disposal. If contractors are required to haul sweeping debris away from the property, this will add to the costing price.

Now that you have a better idea on what factors to take into account, you know better what relevant questions to ask and important points to discuss to ensure you will get the service you pay for.