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How to Get Seagulls Away from Your Parking Lot

Seagulls (or gulls, if you want to be scientifically correct) can quickly become a pest if allowed to roam free in your parking lot. Gulls are attracted to parking lots for a few reasons, namely because they’re convenient (lots of trash to pick through), and they are easily visible so gulls can spot any impending danger easily.
If your business’s parking lot has ever been a seagull hangout spot, then you know how destructive they can be. Here are some of the problems seagulls can cause:
1. They’re hungry, and they’re not afraid of you. There have been many accounts of seagulls diving down to swipe food from the hands of unsuspecting passersby.
2. They don’t clean up after themselves. Gulls leave behind bird droppings that are unsightly and not easy to clean up without a pressure washer. Your employees won’t be happy about finding bird droppings on their cars, either.
3. They’re noisy. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your employees are trying to get work done, they don’t want to hear the sound of gulls nesting on the rooftop.
4. They harbor diseases. Gull droppings are not only ugly, but they harbor a variety of diseases including salmonella and meningitis.
Luckily, if you have a seagull infestation, there’s hope yet. Follow our professional tips in order to get seagulls away from your parking lot – and keep them out for good.
Keep Your Parking Lot Free of Debris
• Have plenty of garbage cans. If your employees and other individuals visiting your business park can’t find a garbage can easily, they’re more likely to litter. Think of garbage as a giant red “GO HERE” sign to seagulls – they’ll gravitate toward garbage in hopes of finding some food scraps.
• Keep your dumpsters covered. Not only should you have garbage cans readily available, but you should make sure to have them covered so that gulls cannot easily access them. Make sure your large dumpster lids are always closed – unless you want a family of gulls hanging around all day.
• Invest in parking lot sweeping and litter removal. It’s often times too tedious (and too unsanitary) for you to take care of your parking lot on your own. Instead, leave it to the professionals. Invest in professional parking lot sweeping and litter removal so that you lot remains debris-free and welcoming to all who come and go.
Keep Grassy Areas Free of Pests
Seagulls are always on the lookout for an easy meal. If the grass around your parking lot is home to rodents or a colony of bugs, then gulls are going to stick around and look for a bite to eat. Keep your business area free of pest infestations by calling a professional terminator to remove any roaches, termites, rats, or other infestations ASAP.
Other Methods for Getting Rid of Seagulls
• Bird spikes. These don’t harm the gulls, but prevent them from landing on your rooftop so that they relocate to an area away from your office building.
• Ultrasonic bird repellers. Not only are these good for gulls, but also for skunks, pigeons, cats, deer, and more.
• Gullwire. This system of wires is similar to bird spikes, but slightly less intimidating in appearance. It prevents gulls from nesting or landing on surfaces.
If you need to keep seagulls away from your parking lot or commercial building, it’s important that you act fast in order to remove the gulls, and take appropriate preventative Street sweeping services by Universal Site Servicesmeasures to keep the gulls away for good. Call Universal Site Services today for parking lot sweeping in
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