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Environmentally safe graffiti removal

Environmentally Safe Graffiti Removal Tactics

Graffiti on residential and commercial buildings is an annoyance and something that must be met with a strong, eco-friendly removal plan. While you may not be able to stop acts of graffiti from occurring on the exterior surfaces of residential and commercial properties, you will be able to take steps towards eliminating the vandalism in an environmentally friendly manner. Universal Site Services prides itself on its role in the California community providing graffiti removal services that are not only efficient but environmentally friendly. Common graffiti removal practices typically include harsh chemicals that are dangerous to the user and the surface area. However, there are a number of environmentally safe graffiti removal methods that will get the trick done without further harming the exterior building or breaking the bank.

Practicing environmentally friendly graffiti removal methods will not only benefit and aid in maintaining the planet but are better for maintenance crew members and tenants alike. Opting for graffiti removal services provided by property maintenance and site service companies like USS will allow you to be sure all paint vandalism is taken care of in a sustainable and safe manner. Take a look at several of the environmentally safe graffiti removal practices that are not only widely used, but effective.

Options for Eco-Friendly Graffiti Removal

While there is no ‘simple’ solution for removing graffiti in an environmentally friendly manner, there are various products and approaches that will get the job done without harming the environment.

  1. Use citrus-based graffiti removal agents

Products that contain natural ingredients, such as orange extract, are biodegradable and contain little to no hazardous substances. Using degreasers that are have a citrus base will have the same effect as other common removal agents. Citrus-based products will not harm surrounding flora or fauna, and are usually safe to use on natural and painted surfaces.

  1. Power washing

Using a pressure or power washer to spray the surface that has been vandalized is another effective method, if used with a natural ‘blasting media’. Water sprayed through a power washer is strong enough to remove most types of graffiti, especially with the help of natural additives. Examples of natural blasting media includes baking soda, dry ice pellets, sand, and ground walnuts.

  1. Hand Scrubbing

Perhaps the least desirable environmentally safe graffiti removal practice is hand scrubbing. Albeit the safest, the best way to remove graffiti paint is by using a tool appropriate for the surface and your own hands.

  1. Washing Soda

When mixed with water, washing soda is extremely effective in removing paint from various surfaces. Mixing the two elements together and using a wire brush or steel wool to scrub the graffiti surface, washing soda is a good alternative to chemical paint removers. However, washing soda can be corrosive, so it is important that all surfaces are rinsed after the process has been completed.

Opting for environmentally safe graffiti removal methods like that of USS are an excellent alternative to chemically-produced and harsh products.

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