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Parking Lot Sweeping

Effective Parking Lot Sweeping Can Bring You More Customers

With today’s competitive market place, and a challenging economy, savvy property and business managers have come to value top-flight commercial cleaning services more than ever.
It’s a buyer’s market and no one can afford to give the edge to a competitor, especially an edge that’s easily maintained. Well documented studies have shown that parking areas and walkways, well tended, are a key to attracting and maintaining customers.

Premises Cleanliness is Important

Cleanliness ranks high as a factor for many people when they decide where to shop, who feel that the cleanliness of the exterior of the property is as important as the cleanliness of the interior of the property.

Property Managers Cannot Spare the Unclean Image

NAPSA (the North American Power Sweeping Association) states that, “In today’s highly aggressive market, business property managers cannot spare the unclean image caused by the improper maintenance and sweeping of their parking lots”, and also that “With a routine parking lot sweeping service, a business property manager can expect to have an immaculate parking lot.”

The Benefits to Regular Parking Lot Sweeping

In addition to the having a competitive edge with your customers, there are other benefits to having your parking lot swept regularly:
a) Customers are less likely to litter in your lot when you present them with a clean property,
b) It’s cost effective, as parking lots that are maintained regularly and well are less likely to have problems with loose gravel, broken glass, dirt, or other debris which, left untended, accumulate creating safety and environmental issues, and lead to costly lot repairs on unnecessary lot deterioration and damage.
c) Shopping mall parking lots need to be safe for the public to maneuver in and around, and with adequate property maintenance services you minimize the possibility of injury.

Things to Look for in a Parking Lot Sweeper

a) Powerful Air Vacuum Parking Lot Sweepers,
b) All teams are equipped with back pack blowers for the removal of debris from corners, sidewalks, and loading docks to ensure a proper sweep by the machines,
c) Large debris hand-picked from landscaping islands on parking lots,
d) Cleanliness of dumpster enclosures maintained near parking lots,
e) Trash receptacles changed and re-lined on the shopping mall parking lots,
f) Follow–up notification to management of illegally disposed debris.