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Does Your Parking Lot Scream “Danger Zone”?

Media Hype Scares Public Away From Parking Lots Perceived to be Unsafe MILPITAS, CA –(Marketwire – June 18, 2012)– If a parking lot appears to be unsafe, businesses would benefit from the help and advice from Universal Site Service, experts in property maintenance, parking lot sweeping, graffiti removal, and landscaping services. A March 2012 report from M/A/R/C/, a marketing and research consulting firm, confirms what studies as far back as the 1990’s revealed: there is not necessarily a correlation between the perception of an unsafe parking lot and the amount of criminal activity that actually takes place in the area, if any. But if people are frightened by the look of the lot, they stay away. “If people assess a parking lot as unsafe, they will avoid shopping or doing business in that area and will take their affairs elsewhere. We understand and do our very best to advise clients on how to make parking lots not only safe but appear to be safe, as well.”stated Gina Vella, President, Universal Site Services. How do people “know” what a dangerous parking lot looks like? They know because an endless number of movies and TV shows have educated them, and we’ve even watched – right there on the screen – actual crimes taking place in those dark, dirty, scary parking lots. “You’d be surprised at the degree to which the public equates cleanliness with safety,” says Ms.Vella. “People feel uncomfortable and unsafe in a parking lot that is riddled with dirt and grime, littered with garbage, overflowing trash cans, or in need of repair.” She adds, “Now, if you add graffiti to the mix, the public will see criminals lurking behind every bush, every pillar, every van.” Whether the property is a shopping mall, office complex or an industrial park, the perception created by the cleanliness of the parking lot on visitors dictates their first impressions about that business – good or bad. A regular parking lot sweeping service results in a parking lot that is clean and inviting to customers. Jessica H, Property Manager commented: “Great Job!I would recommend Universal Site Services to any Property Manager or Landlord. I rely on them for all of my retail shopping center maintenance. I manage two shopping centers in Stockton and two in Sacramento; they provide us with parking lot sweeping, pressure washing and day porter services. I ask many favors that are above and beyond the work they are contracted to complete, and they always accommodate my requests.” With over 50 years of industry experience, USS has established a reputation for quality, professionalism, and reliability. For more information on how Universal Site Services can help you keep your parking lot safe and make it appear safe, visit their website at Universal Site Services. Media Contact: Doug Hay Doug Hay & Associates 877-226-3823 doug@doughayassoc.com