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Does Your Parking Lot Demonstrate “Green” Love?

If your parking lot cleaning and maintenance company doesn’t help you reduce your negative impact on the environment with “green” policies, you had better find one that does, urges Universal Site Services.

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MILPITAS, CA – (Marketwire – April 2, 2013) –Between toxic waste accumulating in parking lots, roads, and industrial and building sites, and then finding their way into our water systems; and with serious air pollution problems developing in most urban areas, it is not surprising that residents, businesses, and governments have begun taking serious steps to protect the environment and noticing those who do and those who don’t.

Don’t be left behind.  Environment-saving solutions are money-saving solutions for you in the long term, and if you publicize your efforts to support “green” policies and programs, your tenants and clients will cooperate. Everyone will win.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has outlined numerous steps that can be taken to reduce the negative impact we have on nature by what individuals and companies consume, how we heat and light buildings, modes of transportation we use, the things we buy, how we dispose of waste, and the damaging heat islands we create in urban areas.

“Becoming environmentally friendly is no longer optional,” advises Gina Vella, President, Universal Site Services. “Communities are expecting companies to step up and show they care about air quality and water quality and are prepared to support those businesses that do care and shun those that don’t.

Keeping your parking lot clean and green is possible with policies in place that protect the air by using fuel-efficient regenerative sweepers that vacuum up dirt and grime as well as metal particles and other hazardous waste products and do so without spewing polluted dust into the air.

You can ensure that your parking lots avoid polluting community water by making sure that runoff is channeled into pickup areas where toxins can be removed by filtering processes, and by choosing porous paving materials that allow water to penetrate through to the soil below, trapping toxins above and filtering runoff through sand, pebble, and soil beds.  You can also use landscaping features that decrease noise, conceal unappealing views, help absorb runoff, and reduce the effects of urban heat islands created by infrastructures – like roads, buildings, and parking lots – that cause regions to be much hotter than normal and requiring additional air conditioning use.

Reinforce your environmental protection visibility by having garbage containers and recycle bins handy with regular pickup schedules in place, and upgrade your outdoor lighting by replacing incandescent bulbs with energy-saving (and money-saving) LED lights.

Show your love for your community by using “green” policies to manage and maintain your parking lots, and it will love you back.

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