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Parking Lot Sweeping In Dixon

Professional Parking Lot Sweeping In Dixon, Trusted For Over 50 Years

Sweeping the parking lot curbPotential customers start evaluating your business the moment they pull into the parking lot. A clean and welcoming parking lot can set the tone of your customers’ interactions right. Universal Site Services offers property maintenance, pressure washing, day porter services, landscaping, and high-quality parking lot sweeping in Dixon.

Our porters will work within your schedule and provide competitive prices. Any of our friendly phone representatives can set up our services to make your storefront look its best while deterring vandalism, reducing litter, preventing rodents, and eliminating hazards.

Our expert parking lot sweeping on a regular basis can decrease wear and tear, prevent potholes, and keep your customers happy while you save money on re-pavement and upkeep costs.

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Universal Site Services Can Manage Any Business

We offer our services to large events centers and business parks, or small storefronts and shopping centers. Our parking lot sweeping in Dixon experience includes arenas, malls, government buildings, schools, and parking lots of varying sizes. We take as much as pride in your property as you do.

Call Universal Site Services to maintain the beauty of your business. We offer more than just parking lot maintenance check out our other services below.

Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping In Dixon

Customer perception can deeply impact your business and the parking lot is the one thing that may not come up in online research, but may turn away a customer if they get the wrong impression.

A potential customer may have looked up your business online and be excited to go to your store, but then immediately become disgusted and frustrated if your parking lot is filled with litter and debris. The customer needs to want to park their car in order to enter your store.

Universal Site Services will make sure customers perceive your business exactly as they should and feel welcome once they pull up.

Other commercial services we offer:

Day Porters Help Create Picturesque Storefronts

Dixon Day Porter ServicesDixon may be a small town, but the town is bursting with pride. From the fairgrounds to the farms on the outskirts of town, Dixon residents are proud of their town. Your business should embrace that pride and put the effort to create an inviting storefront.

Our friendly and uniformed day porters will ensure the best appearance of your storefront. Day porters can handle any amount of litter or garbage to help keep your business safe and clean. Universal Site Services can make your business the model storefront with parking lot sweeping in Dixon and day porter service to discourage littering, loitering, and tagging.

No matter the size of your store, our team can handle any of your needs including:

  • Litter removal
  • Disinfecting
  • Restroom Maintenance
  • Spill Clean-Up
  • Trash Receptacle Maintenance
  • Window Washing
  • Dumpster Maintenance

Quick And Efficient Dirt Clean Up

Property Maintenance ServicesDixon winds can carry lots of dirt and dust, which can pile around your storefront quickly. Rot and decay can accumulate quickly if dirt, grim, mold, and mildew are left out for a short period. This could damage your property and lead to expensive renovation and repair costs. Regular, exterior cleaning can reduce these costs and keep your property looking its best.

Our pressure washing units have the power to clean the most difficult residue build up and increase the overall look of your property.