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Discover What Parking Lot Sweeping Service Can Do for Your Business

Fact: cleanliness in parking lots is ranked as a major factor in determining where customers prefer to shop. What’s seen from the outside significantly influences the overall impression of the business—its capability, reliability and reputation.

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Parking Lot Sweeping Service

It’s important to perform regular parking lot sweeping in your commercial space. Here’s the list you’re looking for to find out why: 1. Successful businesses are the ones patronized by more people. An inability or refusal to maintain a clean parking lot area gives the impression that a business isn’t capable of taking care of its customers, either. Neglect begets neglect. 2. Clean parking lots play a role in dictating market share among shopping centers. If the outside area of your commercial property isn’t well maintained, it’s hard to preserve and build upon your client base. Enjoy a competitive edge, and keep things above par. 3. First impressions DO count. Professionalism is first determined by the overall exterior appeal of a commercial property. Connection: generally, there’s an expected increase in commercial traffic in the area when it’s established that people can shop there comfortably and safely. Word gets around.

Parking Lot Sweeping Fights Hidden Health & Environmental Hazards

Waterways are often polluted by toxic wastes from cars and other vehicles, along with leaves, debris and sediments from parking lot surfaces and streets. These are only some of the harmful materials that go directly into rivers, lakes and streams when washed away through storm sewers. During heavy rains, the accumulation of debris can cause street flooding, especially when storm drains are blocked. Regular parking lot sweeping can minimize all of these drawbacks, and more. A remarkable 50% to 90% of these pollutants can be removed just by regular parking lot sweeping service. Professional sweepers can also minimize slippery surfaces during light rains, and remove litter to improve overall aesthetics. Parking lot sweeping equipment is much more thorough than manual broom treatments—and captures far more harmful pollutants, removing them completely from the vicinity. In cities, parking lot sweeping is essentially a cost-effective solution in reducing storm water waste. You might be surprised to hear it, but virtually tons of accumulated contaminants and debris are removed from parking lots and streets each year. They can pose serious damage to the environment and health, not to mention the perception of your business as irresponsible. Keeping things spic-and-span is a boost for your public relations.  

Seasonal Benefits to Parking Lot Sweeping

• Traction sand from snowmelt—plus salt residue and other messy debris from the whole dreary winter—can be collected in one sweep during spring. • Accumulated debris most often removed in summer includes dust, trash and litter. • During the fall, leaves are collected often to prevent them from entering and clogging up storm sewers. Year round, there’s always something to keep on top of. Literally. In order to prevent pollution, there are even some states that impose rules on best practices. One good way to enhance an effective parking lot sweeping program is by establishing schedules and other guidelines. This is essential, in fact. When cars occupy parking spaces that can’t be accessed by the sweeper operator and he must bypass some sections, the job will be much more challenging to perform. And patchy, at best. Definitely discuss your operating hours with your service provider and work out the best viable schedule for cleaning. It’s a clean sweep, and everybody wins. Creative Commons Attribution: Permission is granted to repost this article in its entirety with credit to Universal Site Services and a clickable link back to this page.