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Day Porter Services Accentuate Your Professional Image

You know you’re a professional, as do your clients and patrons, the moment you walk through your door when you have a quality day porter service working at your site. Experienced day porter teams take care of your property’s maintenance in the way you would if you weren’t already working full-time running your business.

In other words, the right day porter teams maintain your property in the same kind of professional and efficient manner you conduct your business. With customer service as a watchword, day porters are committed to making sure your property is immaculately clean and neat day-in and day-out.

What do Day Porter Services Offer?

Most day porter services will offer a smorgasbord of services that can be tailored to suit your company’s needs. Below is a sampling of the kinds of services you can expect from your day porters:

a)      They will clean and disinfect your property,
b)      Take care of restroom maintenance,
c)       Day Porters will not only handle the trash receptacle wipe down & maintenance, they will also change and re-line the receptacles,
d)      They remove litter which otherwise would accumulate from the daily traffic flow,
e)      Remove Graffiti and utilizing advanced techniques, virtually Graffiti-Proof your property,
f)       They wash the windows & dust the window mullions,
g)      Clean & maintain the dumpsters,
h)      Clean Newspaper stands,
i)        Handle painting you need done, and more.

Handled by a well–trained and professional staff they take care of any unforeseen event as it comes up and you can relax knowing your property is in good hands.

How do I Know if I Have Found a Good Day Porter Service?

Look for a team that will be thorough, that will treat your property as if it were their own, who will deliver the kind of customer service you would be proud to deliver in your business. Of course we all want somebody who will be fair and competitive in their pricing.

You also might look for someone who will give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as that tells you they know you will be pleased with the quality of their work.