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The first thing a customer sees upon arriving to your business in the surrounding parking lot. A messy parking lot can leave the wrong impression to a potential customer about your business.

At Universal Sites Services, we offer day porter services, property maintenance, pressure washing, landscaping, as well as high quality parking lot sweeping. We offer flexible schedules to work for you and competitive prices. A phone call to one of our live phone representatives to set up service can help you deter vandalism, reduce litter, prevent rodents, eliminate tripping hazards, prevent potholes, and display a positive view of your company.

Regular sweeping can decrease wear and tear on the pavement, which will keep your customers happy and returning and save you money on repavement costs.

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Clean Energy Sweeping In Davis

Protecting the environment is one of our top priorities. Our parking lot sweepers help reduce pollutants in our air and water since our vacuums prevent dirt and debris from escaping into the air. Our vacuums are powerful enough to remove:

  • Leaves
  • Papers
  • Cigarette butts
  • Gravel
  • Dust
  • Any heavy debris.

All of our vehicles are energy efficient. In addition to our environment focused service, we offer flexible scheduling at any time to work around your day to day operations. Our reliable technicians use state of the art equipment for parking lot sweeping, graffiti abatement, pressure washing, and day porter services.

Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping In Davis

Sweeper Curb DavisThe aesthetics of the parking lot around your business has an impact on how a person may view your business. A potential customer may have researched your business online prior to arriving to your storefront and become immediately disgusted by the amount of debris left behind. If the customer does not wish to park their car in their lot, he will not enter your business.

Universal Site Services parking lot sweeping will make sure your business is displayed as it should be and prevent added cost of parking lot repairs down the road.

Day Porters That Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

With Davis being a bustling college town, Fridays and weekends can bring a lot of traffic to your business and the areas surrounding it. During these high traffic times, it is crucial to keep your parking lot and common areas clean and inviting for your customers. Our friendly and uniformed day porters will ensure the best possible appearance of your business.

No matter what the size is, our team can handle any of your needs including litter removal, disinfecting, restroom maintenance, spill clean-up, trash receptacle maintenance, window washing, painting, and dumpster maintenance. Passerbys may carelessly discard items into your parking lot trash receptacles, but our porters will make sure that all trash, recyclables, and organics get to where they need to be and keep your business safe and clean.

Your business will become the standard for the rest of the community to follow and discourage littering, loitering, and tagging.

Pressure Washing Will Quickly Remove Dirt Build-Up

On those windy Davis days, dirt and dust can quickly pile up outside your business and you’ll need more than just parking lot sweeping in Davis.

Commercial Pressure WashingDirt, grime, mold, and mildew can build up over a short period of time and lead to excessive rot and decay. This could potentially lead to expensive renovation and repair costs. A regular exterior cleaning can reduce these costs and keep up the appearance of your business.

Our pressure washing units can clean up the most difficult residue build up and increase the life of your property. Plus, our crews only use EPA approved soaps to reduce the impact on the environment.

Universal Site Services Will Work Anywhere In Davis

We offer our services for a variety of locations including:

  • Since 1958 Above and BeyondEvent centers
  • Business parks
  • Apartment complexes
  • Shopping centers
  • Arenas
  • Malls
  • Government buildings
  • Schools

Call Universal Site Services to maintain the beauty of your business with parking lot sweeping in Davis.