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Commercial Property Landscaping Will Impress Tenants and Clients

A good commercial property landscaping service not only increases and maintains the value of your property and pleases your tenants and clients, but also helps you conceal unappealing views, decreases noise, and reduces crime in and around your place of business or apartment complex.

While many landscaping service providers claim to have commercial landscaping experience and satisfied customers, you should ask for references and actually, check them out to ensure you will receive the best value for your investment.

Your Landscaper Should Respond to New Commercial Property Landscaping Trends

The trends for landscaping design and maintenance have been changing to meet new standards of environmental protection, and with the encouragement of businesses to “go green” and become good corporate citizens. The demands of people who care about the environment can’t be ignored. Hence, the landscaping provider you chose must demonstrate an awareness of these latest trends and concerns and see that its staff is aware and trained to uphold these new standards.

As well, landscaping maintenance no longer means simply mowing the grass and occasionally trimming a tree or bush. Be sure and carefully investigate exactly what “landscaping maintenance” covers when investigating the claims of a potential landscaping service.

Apartment Complexes Offer Particular Challenges

Whether you are hiring landscaping design and maintenance services for a new apartment building or complex, or are updating an outdated, tired landscape for an old or recently renovated building, there are certain important features you will want to have incorporated:

  • Entrances must look inviting.
  • Trees and bushes can provide privacy and hide unattractive features.
  • Lighting should be pleasing and provide security.
  • Well-placed flowerbeds or flowering shrubs add color and beauty.
  • Well-designed and lighted walkways add to security and attractiveness.

Look for a company that offers experienced landscaping services and will incorporate the features that will make current tenants happy and will invite new renters. The landscaper should be able to design and transplant whatever flora, shrubbery, and trees are desirable, and also design and create entrances, walkways, fountains, and accent features, and know how to use brick, stone, concrete, wrought iron, or whatever is needed.

The use of up-lighting and down-lighting as well as strongly lit parking lots and walkways impresses people and makes them feel secure as well. It’s all good.

Commercial and Retail Landscaping Impacts Your Bottom Line

Appealing commercial property landscaping makes shopping centers and retail buildings look more enticing and comfortable, and identifies your business as clean, careful, and competitive, all of which attracts and impresses customers and clients:

  • Well-placed trees and bushes separate parking areas without blocking signage or making entrances difficult to see.
  • Trees and bushes are used to hide unpleasant sights and reduce noise.
  • Good lighting discourages criminal activity in the area.
  • Well-maintained walkways add to personal security and safety.
  • Installation of efficient, cost-saving, long-lasting LED lighting supports your “green” image, saves you money, thwarts crime, and increases security.

Make sure your landscaping maintenance services keep you looking good with:

  • Flowerbed selection and maintenance; weed control and removal
  • Weekly trimming, pruning, and watering
  • Maintaining efficient drainage
  • Removal of dead trees, shrubs, and branches
  • Fertilizing and pest control with effective, non-dangerous products

Consider Finding A Landscaper Who Provides All Outdoor Services

commercial property landscapingIn an ideal world, you should be able to combine your landscaping design, installation, and maintenance services with the performance of other important outdoor tasks:

  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Trash removal
  • Sweeping and washing of the exterior of the building and indoor and outdoor parking lots and garages
  • Clean up of graffiti
  • Small repair jobs

If you can find a reliable company that offers all the commercial property landscaping services you require to enhance and maintain your outdoor space, you can save money, time, and headaches. It’s worth checking out.

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