Should I Sweep My Parking Lot When It Rains?

Rain in parking lot, postponing sweeping service by Universal Site Services.

Should I Sweep My Parking Lot When It Rains? The rainy season can put a hitch in many of your regular activities. But does it also mean you have to stop sweeping your parking lot? Not necessarily. In fact, many people often make the mistake of canceling their regular sweeping services during rainy weather. But […]

5 Trees that Won’t Damage Sidewalks

example of trees not damaging sidewalk

5 Trees that Won’t Damage Sidewalks Trees are great. They provide fresh air, keep the environment healthy, and (when in good health) are beautiful to look at. However, if you’re in charge of managing a property or keeping a parking lot in tip-top shape, then you don’t want to be dealing with intrusive tree roots […]

How to Discourage Loitering

parking lot loitering

How to Discourage Loitering on Your Commercial Property Loitering on your commercial property, whether it’s an apartment complex, office building, or otherwise, is never a good thing. Loiterers can trash your parking lot, graffiti your walls, and send the wrong signal to customers. So how can you discourage loitering on your commercial property? There are […]