City Team Children’s Holiday Donation

City Team Children’s Holiday Donation Thank you for all your help and for your kind hearts. Be assured that many children are going to have a smile on their faces this Christmas. Thank you for the effort and passion that you and your colleagues share with our community this Holiday. Blessings, Elizabeth City Team

The Green Movement

Brush Sweeper Natomas

The Green Movement Keeping our Environment Clean New equipment technologies have emerged over the past several years. USS is working to align itself with the “Green” movement. USS diligently complies with the air quality boards throughout the State of California to reduce our carbon footprint. This will be a challenge for any and all contractors […]

2008 New Year Celebration

Years of Experience In the Parking Lot Sweeping Industry

2008 New Year Celebration In January of 2008, Universal Site Services celebrated the past 50 years of challenges and successes. The celebration event was held at Murrieta´s Well in Livermore, California. Our teams are eagerly looking forward to a bright future. We anticipate great growth and prosperity for many years to come! The celebration event […]