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With concern focusing on parking lots as major contributors to water pollution, Universal Site Services has responded with rain gardens and other landscaping solutions. Source:  Universal Site Services MILPITAS, CA –(Marketwire – May 14, 2013) – Yes, there aresolutions to the water pollution created by parking lot runoffthat winds its way through drainage systems, rivers, lakes, canals, and,at some point, into our water glasses. Water contamination has to be tackled at the source – in the parking lots themselves – and one of the answers to the problem can be with the addition of rain gardens and self-sustaining landscaping.

From Vancouver Sun’s 24 years of 4,675 Global Warming Articles to Utah’s April ‘13 Report On Air Quality, We See Public Concern Growing, Says Universal Site Services. Source:  Universal Site Services MILPITAS, CA -- (Marketwire – April 29, 2013) Environmental damage, global warming, and water and air pollution problems have been headline news in all major newspapers in North America for some years now. Does this publicity reflect a genuine concern of the public about these issues? Do such things as anxiety about parking lot pollution control, for example, really exist? Gina Vella, President, Universal Site Services, answers the question with a resounding, “Yes.  These concerns are neither media hype nor the grievances of special interest groups.  Our company helped develop the regenerative parking lot sweepers in response to growing a interest in the protection of the environment by the communities we serve and our corporate clients.” Responsible parking lot sweeping reduces water and air pollution. Because regenerative air sweepers employ a closed loop system that reduces exhaust while picking up dirt, grit, and debris, they are environmentally friendly, which is hugely important when you consider that parking lots take up space in the USA estimated to be (about) 4,400 square miles of land.

If your parking lot cleaning and maintenance company doesn’t help you reduce your negative impact on the environment with “green” policies, you had better find one that does, urges Universal Site Services. Source:  Universal Site Services MILPITAS, CA – (Marketwire – April 2, 2013) –Between toxic waste...