How to Discourage Loitering

parking lot loitering

How to Discourage Loitering on Your Commercial Property Loitering on your commercial property, whether it’s an apartment complex, office building, or otherwise, is never a good thing. Loiterers can trash your parking lot, graffiti your walls, and send the wrong signal to customers. So how can you discourage loitering on your commercial property? There are […]

How to Spot a Bad Tenant

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How to Spot a Bad Tenant A bad tenant can spell disaster for you and your business – and a string of bad tenants can ruin your business entirely. If you’re a property manager you know this issue all too well. When you have to rent out areas of your property, it is imperative to […]

How to Get Seagulls Away from Your Parking Lot

How to Get Seagulls Away from Your Parking Lot Seagulls (or gulls, if you want to be scientifically correct) can quickly become a pest if allowed to roam free in your parking lot. Gulls are attracted to parking lots for a few reasons, namely because they’re convenient (lots of trash to pick through), and they […]