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Which Parking Lot Spaces Are Better

What is Best: Angled or Straight Parking Spaces?

Maybe you haven’t given much thought to the way you lay out your parking lot before. But, if you’ve landed on this page, then the chances are pretty high that you are thinking about it now. When designing a parking lot, many different factors come into play. How many vehicles does the parking lot need to fit? Is the lot designed to drain effectively during rainfall? Will some spots are covered and others exposed? An additional element to factor into your parking lot design is whether or not you use angled or straight parking spaces.

Which Type Of Parking Spaces Are The Most Desirable?

Believe it or not, there is some debate about which parking space orientation is preferable. One mathematician even went so far as to explain why angled parking is more efficient, whereas others have cautioned that angled parking has its perks, but straight parking spaces are overall more effective. Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of angled and straight parking spaces so you can make an informed decision on how to lay out your parking lot.

Angled Parking Dimensions

Universal Site Services providing angled parking lot sweeping service.What is angled parking? Angled parking seems to be the favorite of many, and yet what exactly does it offer that straight parking spaces do not? First off, angled parking spaces don’t require vehicles to make as sharp of a turn when parking. This makes it much easier for cars to move in and out of parking spaces, lessening the likelihood of a collision while simultaneously making it easier for drivers to stay within the lines of their parking space. Because cars are staggered with angled parking dimensions, it’s also less likely that a driver will get blocked in should the car next to them park too close.

The cons of angled parking spaces are that they usually require traffic to be one-way, which can be frustrating to drivers. Careful thought must be put into the overall layout of traffic in the parking lot should you choose angled parking spaces.  If you feel this type of parking is the best choice for your property angular parking dimensions are very popular with many car owners.


  • Easy to park
  • Easy to exit
  • Requires less turning radius
  • Less likely to get blocked in
  • Can fit more spaces per square foot


  • Requires one-way traffic lanes
  • Can be harder to line up the nose of the vehicle

Straight In Parking

image of empty straight in parking garageTraditional straight parking spaces allow for a more flexible traffic layout since a driver can approach the spot from either direction and still safely park within the lines. Straight parking also allows drivers to line up their vehicle in the parking spot using the front and both sides as guidelines, which could help reduce the number of cars getting blocked in by the car next to them parking too close. Straight in parking is also much faster than angled parking since two lanes of traffic can be accommodated. If the cars are able to move in and out, and through the parking lot lanes faster than this will lead to less congestion.

Unfortunately, straight parking spaces do take up more square footage. Cars need to swing out more in order to get the right approach angle when compared with angled parking spaces. While allowing two lanes of traffic can reduce congestion, it can also be more dangerous. Drivers might not be looking before backing out if they thought the coast was clear when they got in their car. The biggest downside of straight parking dimensions is that car doors lined up in the same position run the risk of hitting other cars. All it takes it a strong gust of wind for the door to slam into the car next to it.


  • Allows for two-way traffic
  • Drivers can line up the vehicle from multiple angles
  • Saves time for drivers


  • Spaces take up more square footage
  • Cars need to swing out more in order to park
  • Higher risk of collisions
  • Door Collisions

Angle Parking Dimensions vs. Straight Parking Dimensions

There are many reasons to select straight parking spaces or diagonal parking options. When making the decision, it really depends on preference, location, and the availability of space. If your business is a call center that does not have a revolving door of customers, you may want to go with straight parking spots so your employees can get in and out faster. If you have a storefront with limited space, an angled parking layout will help you accommodate as many customers as possible. Consider also whether or not your business or storefront is in a high traffic area. The straight parking spaces will reduce congestion and traffic as customers come in and out, which will allow your customers to find space faster. City laws that limit parking to certain hours or for a short burst of time will also need to be considered. If the city requires parking meters, you may need to consider space for those. Your city planner may be a great resource if your city has regulations when it comes to parking.

The most efficient parking lot layout is the one that will work best for your business, employees, and customers. Assess the building, the nearby businesses, and the traffic in the area to determine if an angled parking layout or a straight parking layout is best for you.  It’s also important to keep your parking lot clean and professional as well.  Universal Site Services can help you do that with day porter service. We also provide parking lot sweeping in Folsom and the rest of California.