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a parking lot with yellow lines.

5 Well-Designed Parking Lots

Have you ever driven into a parking lot and thought, “Damn, this is the smoothest parking lot I’ve ever driven in…”? Or on the flip side, have you ever experienced a parking lot that was a nightmare to park in, with parking spaces that seemed to be built for ants? There’s something to say about a well-designed parking lot, especially if you’re parking long-term or on a regular basis. As professional parking lot sweepers, we’ve not only swept a lot of different parking lots, but we’ve been paying attention to our favorite parking lot designs, too. Below are our top 5 choices for well-designed parking lots across the globe.


1. Eureka Carpark Melbourne

Do you ever get lost trying to find your way out of a parking garage? We love this carpark not only for its physical design but also for the creative paint job. Each doorway is labeled with clever optical illusions so that, when approaching, you know just where the door will lead you.


2. Autostadt Automated Parking Garage Tower

Part parking garage, part amusement ride, the Autostadt automatied parking garage tower at the Volkswagen headquarters is a sight to see. Cars are brought in and out via an automated arm, almost like grabbing a bag of chips from the vending machine. You can ride a glass enclosure up to the top of the tower on top of one of the electronic arms too! This well-designed parking lot could be the way of the future!


3. Baltimore/Washington International Airport Parking

Well-designed parking lots in airports almost deserve their own category. The hourly parking at the Baltimore/Washington international airport is equipped with the Smart Park System. Each parking spot is illuminated by either a green light (empty) or a red light (taken). You can also see at the end of each aisle how many spots are available, making it possible to avoid weaving in and out of each aisle to find your parking spot.


4. Rheinauhafen Parking Tunnel

The Rheinauhafen parking tunnel is not only a parking garage but a water-tight fortress. Known as Europe’s longest underground parking tunnel, the Rheinauhafen is over 2.5 miles long. It’s also built to withstand flooding and is said to be leakproof up to 37 feet of water.


5. Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Garage

The Civic Center parking garage in Santa Monica leads the way in terms of eco-friendly parking lot design. This well-designed parking lot features solar panels on the roof, which provide the garage with electricity while also providing shade for cars parked on the top level. Stormwater is treated on-site and reused throughout the facility for restrooms and watering plants. Do you ride your bike to work? There are even bicycle storage lockers to keep your bike completely protected.

What’s your favorite well-designed parking lot? Tell us in the comments below! Learn more about parking lots and property management tips on our blog.