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2008 New Year Celebration

In January of 2008, Universal Site Services celebrated the past 50 years of challenges and successes. The celebration event was held at Murrieta´s Well in Livermore, California.

Our teams are eagerly looking forward to a bright future. We anticipate great growth and prosperity for many years to come! The celebration event was attended by leadership from the North American offices. Representatives from our manufacturing partnerships and our services partners were also in attendance.

Thank you ALL for your support throughout these years!

There have been many changes throughout the last few years. Leonard Vella, founder of Universal Site Services, officially retired January 1, 2007. Leonard is also Co-founder of MASCO Sweepers.

Gina Vella and Joe Vella, his children and successors, have large shoes to fill. They often meet to discuss the strategy for the growth of the company. They will strive to live up to the Universal Site Services name and meet customer expectations that Leonard Vella built in the last 50 years.

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