Rather than dealing with various providers,choose a one-stop-shop contractor for your commercial cleaning and maintenance services.

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Rather than dealing with various providers,choose a one-stop-shop contractor for your commercial cleaning and maintenance services.

Whether you are a property owner or a manager, you really don’t want the hassle of hiring and dealing with several contractors to give you a parking lot sweeping service,andcleaning and maintenance services as well.

If that has been your practice, you know that you not only have to coordinate schedules, you have to do more recordkeeping, write more monthly checks, worry more about hiring various companies, and do more monitoring of the quality of work that these companies perform. It’s timefor you to re-think this time-consuming ordeal.

Why Choose a One-Stop-Shop Provider?

It is beneficial to choose a parking lot sweeping contractor who also provides other services such as general clean up, emptying waste cans, repairing parking lot surfaces, changing light fixtures, replacing signs, and removing graffiti, etc. In other words, choose a one-stop-shop company that can provide a multitude of services.

However, you need to be extra careful if you are going to hand a variety of jobs over to one company. If your sweeping company lacks the equipment, manpower, or the expertise to do all the jobs you require, chances are, it will find another contractor or two and subcontract some of the work.

If that happens, you pay only one check and you don’t have the hassle of coordinating schedules, but you also have less control over the quality of work and any complaints or special requests go through a third party, which is less efficient and less satisfactory. This is why it is a good idea to choose an established and reputable company to cater to all your cleaning and maintenance needs, complete with the required manpower, expertise, and equipment.

The one-stop-shop provider is especially important to out-of-town property owners who don’t have the time to deal with different service providers. When hiring a sweeping company on which you can truly rely, it is great to be able to turn over the full accountability of daily cleaning and maintenance as well.

Established Providers Are Better Equipped to Cater to Your Needs

While many parking lot sweeping companies are expanding their services to offer different cleaning and maintenance jobs, not all providers have the resources to offer the one-stop-shop services. The benefit ofhiring a company that has already attained a solid reputation in providing a wide array of services is thatit has already established tried-and-tested processes and the best are already set in place to ensure a seamless delivery of services.

This powerful advantage is one of the reasons why these companies are able to secure contracts with large companies and businesses that require a variety of work, from simple trash cleanup along delivery entrances and walkways, to line striping, and to the never-ending parking lot sweeping serviceand maintenance.

Expertise and Experience Pay Off

Although parking lot sweeping is the primary focus, a successful sweeping contractor will also offer auxiliary services designed mostly for commercial clients. By dealing with and forging a partnership with a single contractor, your business will be able to make all requests and monitor the performance of only one provider. If you have special needs such as requiring sweeping work in the summer and snow removal in the winter to be completed over night by a particular hour, you will be able to arrange it easily.

Specific cleaning and maintenance services may not be available through a small, startup parking lot sweeping contractor. One-stop-shop services will save you time, money, and stress. Find awell-established company who does it all.

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