Are You Missing Out on Vital Asset Management? Protect Your Property With Day Porter Service

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Are You Missing Out on Vital Asset Management?  Protect Your Property With Day Porter Service

When it comes to the ongoing maintenance and management of your commercial property, day porter service is a viable investment that property managers should never overlook. Whether it’s a large or relatively small facility—especially if you’re dealing with round-the-clock foot traffic—a day porter service not only keeps your property spic and span, it’s also a practical way to preserve the value of your asset by keeping everything in top condition.

How to Maximize Your Day Porter Service

Day porter service is typically needed during business hours, not only to fill the cleaning gap, but also provide basic assistance to customers when needed. With a utility person to work on your premise during business hours, you can rest assured that you project the best possible image to prospective clients and guests. The usual features of a day porter service include:

  • Surface cleaning and polishing
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting and mopping
  • Cleaning up spills
  • Assistance in moving equipment, furniture and supplies
  • Pantry cleaning and assistance in serving food
  • Preparing conference and meeting rooms

Ensure a Clean and Healthy Work Environment

If your regular operation covers several shifts a day, a professional cleaning service is a definite must to ensure all areas are kept tidy and sanitized between and during work shifts. Whether or not you deal with frequent customer visits, you and your valued employees definitely don’t want to cope with unsightly overflowing trash bins, untidy break rooms, or unkempt kitchens.

A day porter can make sure you provide the best possible working environment for your employees. A clean, well-maintained facility enhances overall productivity and prevents the inadvertent spread of disease. A day porter service not only provides efficient cleaning—it also comes with the premium convenience of having someone responsible pick up litter, replenish paper products, refill washroom supplies, and even change light bulbs and more—all on a regular basis.

Why Invest in a Professional Day Porter Service?

When hiring a cleaning crew, it’s best to choose a professional day porter service provider with extensive experience and expertise. Remember, you’re not only investing in day-to-day cleaning and maintenance. You also want to ensure you get the best possible service by choosing a trusted company with an established reputation.

A good professional day porter service uses appropriate supplies, cleaning techniques and suitable chemicals, so that cleaning is carried out effectively and efficiently—without the risk of causing damage to property.

Choose a company that can readily provide all necessary equipment, such as vacuums, buffing machines, pressure washers and carpet extractors, for example, and one that has established processes in place. What are your specific needs? Don’t go another business day without finding out!


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